• Photography

    A globally connected planet needs a single language. That language is photography.

    Independent of words, millions of images consistently give us the story. As a result, publishers and media owners are always in need of fresh stock to grab attention. Businesses and individuals are in constant need of new images to arouse and maintain interest.

    In our studio we have four photographers who specialise in our areas of expertise, delivering imagery for web, print, advertising, branding and posterity.

    Our in our busy studio .

    Schools photography is geographically driven. We work with fourteen schools in Surrey. We offer three services.

    The individual and class portraits that everyone if familiar with but achieve response rates that very few are familiar with.

    We shoot for schools marketing and advertising on the web and in print - including school prospectus's.

    Finally, we take staff and school activity images for information and decoration.


    Corporate PR and portraiture is very important. Media is diverse and insatiable and is always seeking new images.

    Employee churn demands swift image replacement on websites and digital media distribution.

    We apply the same skills we use for schools, to the corporate market, with flexible offerings and retainer packages.


    It is very very hard to find a photographer who is genuinely great at event photography. The skills mix is complex.

    You need to have the story sense of a wedding photographer, the swift response of the drama photographer, the observation of the press photographer, the sensitivity of a royal photographer and the sustained focus and concentration of a wolf.

    Long days, no repetition, instant results. We have four of the best on our team and they produce amazing results.


    Cardiac Surgeons have constant professional development - our photographers have drama photography.

    From film sets to theatres, public performances to intimate deliveries we have created images for more than a hundred dramatic productions.

    Working within tight limitations of sound and visibility, with swift moving action and constantly changing lighting, there is no better experience for keeping our photographers on their professional mettle.


    There was a time when every house had ancestral portraits on the wall or sideboard.

    A great portrait is a team effort. You don't have to like having your picture taken - frankly, no-one does. You have to be committed to work with us to get the best portrait possible whilst we ensure that you are having the best of times.

    We are portrait photographers. We love taking simple, classic images that will last a thousand years. Commissioned directly by private individuals we shoot in the studio, in homes and on location. We take group as well as individual images.