• EventArchitects

    The blank sheet of paper is a challenge. It may help to try this:

    Imagine your perfect building. So original that everyone is amazed they had not thought of it themselves; so beautiful everyone wants to see inside; so functional that everyone wants to live there.

    Try approaching your event in the same way. Create it with empathy, insight and subtlety so that your guests leave convinced that you really understand their needs.

    This is the art of the event architect.

    The first time your mother asked you to tidy your room - did you do it?  I am willing to bet that you didn't -  to be fair she probably would have been amazed if you had.

    So why would you run a two day event and expect it to change the world. An event should be a moment on a cycle of activities designed to change people over time.

    It makes sense to build an event strategy. 


    Some things just don't feel right - taking an old ladies's seat on the bus;  the wrong sized bra;  Simon Cowell.  It doesn't matter how much the individual parts may shine, when the whole feels like something is missing.

    You can feel the same effect when you look honestly at your event. Do all the details add up or does something just not fit.

    Changing one piece might mean you have to re-arrange everything but a single misplaced rock in the stream will disturb the flow.


    There is no such thing as genius. At least, not until you have done your time, according to Malcolm Gladwell. So you can do your 10,000 hours - or just hire some folk who have done theirs.

    Developing a programme needs insight, analysis and honesty - in other words - experience. Making a difference with your event means challenging 'the way we always do things'.

    It is hard work - made easier by working with the right team.


    Mind-share is the first step towards market-share. If you just sell to who you know then your market will always be limited. To expand your sales you have to encourage potential customers to come to you. 

    Brand-awareness engages directly with a broader audience in ways that are relevant to them and which reflect positively on you. 

    Event architects, integrating closely with your existing communications channels, are ideally suited to develop programs that connect locally and globally. 


    An event is a business choice. In the eyes of your customers and partners, the success of the event correlates to your brand and reflects on your personal reputation.

    So how can you tell if it has paid off?

    Not easy at the best of times but tying the event to a strategy and taking a long view is the best way to show that you did not spend all that money just to find out if lunch was a success.