• Consultancy

    It is not even about selling back the watch. On some occasions all you need is a new watch-strap, on others you just need to know the time. So we call it consultancy but in truth we are delighted to be asked to help.

    Over the last ten years we have deployed key skills as stand alone offerings. This has developed into five key areas.

    They are all intimate to our core offering but we split out the disciplines and offer them as detailed and bespoke support to many of our clients.

    Let us just suppose that you decide to make one of your team responsible for delivering all your events. They really understand your business but have no experience in delivering events strategies. We do have experience. So it makes sense that sometimes key clients ask us to mentor their event teams, in the process of working for them.

    This means trust. Our focus is always to create great events. We also focus on making our clients look great as well. We also know it has worked when a newly confident event manager tells us what they want and how they want it.

    It makes us feel great, it is a great opportunity to build strong and lasting relationships. Your success is our success. everyone benefits. 


    Everyone does it at some stage as a manager in a large business.  Ten people climb through a rope or re-arrange a puzzle or co-ordinate themselves to walk on two planks.

    It is easy to mistake 'team activities' for team building. We have a unique and structured approach to team building. It takes a huge a mount of effort on our part and results in amazing feedback and great mutual experiences.

    We also bring our video and photographic talents into play to create lasting memories and to share the excitement.


    Public speaking is the most-feared activity in the world  - after swimming with great white sharks - and sometimes even then.

    But it is not difficult to take a very nervous speaker and turn them into a confident presenter. It takes two things - a five minute talk and then some practise with us.

    For a major US networking company we trained 35 of their keynote and breakout speakers in five locations across EMEA and US for they key annual customer event. The feedback showed the benefits.


    Our design skills add depth to many events. From concept design to 2D print work such as business card, badges, labels, banners. In large and small format print. Drawing 3d CAD of venues, rooms and stage sets.

    Our design team have years of experience in developing and in conforming to global corporate identities.

    Our professional photography studio is equally sought after. We create images for events, publicity, advertising and marketing material.


    You need a three minutes animated sting to open your event; a silent screen animation to play on your exhibition stand; vox-pops from your audience; events filmed, edited and uploaded; roacast, webcast or simply distributed.

    Our Video, Web and Animation team have have worked with heads of state, stars of stage and screen, musicians, dancers, global CEO's and everyday folk in their places of work.

    This includes the creation and hosting of websites, design and content as well as blogs and social media support.