• Conferences

    We are only human. We believe in things we can touch; people we have met, promises we know will be kept; things we can trust.

    Whenever we sit haggling in the marketplace; operating in a surgery, or even playing football at the weekend, we do it with people. Through these mutual experiences we find people that we understand, value and eventually, trust.

    Conferences can do so much more for you than simply impart data. Creating mutual understanding and respect can build your business even faster than five hours in an auditorium.

    The lovely thing about people is that we are all different. Wonderfully, we also have things in common. Obvious business segmentations might be employees, dealers, customers, managers, press, opinion formers or shareholders. But as humans, we are brilliant at finding new ways to connect.

    Think of your audiences, less as 'who they are' and more as 'who the could be'. A piccolo player is just a piccolo player until someone recruits them to an orchestra. Then they become so much more.

    it is your decision to bring people together - take the opportunity to be forge them into something greater. 


    The D-Day landings in Normandy on the 6th of June 1944 were the result of three years of organisation. Starting with an idea, it developed into a strategy and then was delivered as a campaign.

    It took resources, certainly, but most of all it took planning. Detailed planning to get the right people with the right equipment, in the right places at the right time to get the job done effectively.  Planning takes time.

    An event, like a stage show, is as precise as a military campaign. Everything planned in detail. Every member is equally vital to the success of the whole, when the time comes for them act.


    Imagine going to a baseball game with all the excitement, the popcorn and hotdogs, the giant hand-gloves, the pretzels - and no baseball?

    Or going to see a play, only to find that the actors barely know their lines and are uncertain when to go on stage. How would you feel about the director?

    It takes real effort to craft a message that your audience wants to hear and then loads more effort with other skilled players, to bring it to life. Make the effort.


    We love fireworks and magic. Our technical teams have created thrills all their lives. They have delivered in theatres and rock stadia; on television and on radio; with the famous and the adored. Creating lighting, sound, projection, staging, design, show-calling; the list goes on.

    Chances are that the modest person standing next to you, with your microphone, was working with Kylie last week and is working with your Head of State next week.

    So does it always go right? Mostly. We are not in the risk business. But if there is a gremlin out there, we are the guys who will keep you alive. 


    They say travel broadens the mind. They also say size matters. Our experience indicates that both have their moments. We have delivered events to audiences from 50 to more than 2500; for more than 40 clients.

    In hotels, conference centres and stadia, we have worked in some of the most desirable locations with some of the most famous people in more than 70 cities around the world. We stand tall.